6 typical places in the Algarve

Today, we came to tell you a secret that only a few people in the Algarve know, about the most iconic villages and towns in the region. And, you know what? You won't find anything more Algarvian than this.

There are several and enchant everyone who passes by, scattered and far away, but unique and iconic, due to their stories and beauty.

We don't need to go very far to start listing them, so we'll start this article with what is for many the most exceptional, we can only guarantee that it's the most Instagrammable, and for the rest, we'll leave the decision up to you. 

We also take this opportunity to remind you that holidays require preparation, and that's why we have a guide to the perfect holiday that you won't want to miss.


It is known as the Portuguese Santorini, but its real name is Burgau. It is located in the middle of the Costa Vicentina, specifically in the municipality of Vila do Bispo and is a town with a centuries-old fishing tradition.

The small white and blue houses, surrounded by the beach with calm, crystal-clear waters, make it an Instagrammer's dream!


The municipality of Vila do Bispo hides some of the most wonderful places that you will discover in the Western Algarve. Pedralva is known to very few, except for those who live in these lands, and the truth is that it is unlikely that you will come across many Portuguese people on your visit to this beautiful village .

A true refuge, where peace and tranquility reign like in few places in this country. All the houses in the village have been restored for rural tourism, the beauty and serenity that emanate leaves anyone awestruck, and if you are looking for a family evening, let us tell you a little big secret: in this village there is a pizzeria with the best pasta that you will never try Pizza Pazza, but booking is mandatory, as it is always crowded.


In the municipality of Portimão, there are also some “pearls” that you won't want to miss. It is located in the mountains, and is considered the highest point in the Algarve.

From the landscape, to the thermal waters with miraculous powers and the gastronomy, there is no shortage of reasons to spend a day in this iconic village. At its top, Foia, it is possible to glimpse the mountains and the sea in panoramic views, and the feeling is one of fullness and gratitude.

There are several activities you can do, from hiking, jeep rides, or even a visit to Caldas, as we already said, the options are immense!

Finally, if you are a fan of sausages and typical food, visit Charrete and opt for a Monchique stew, and at the end try the best medronho in the country, you won't regret it.


About 4 kilometers from Portimão, the picturesque town of Alvor overlooks the river estuary, and has sunset views that you certainly won't want to miss, accompanied by fish or seafood, such as cockles or razor clams.

We guarantee that they are the best you will find here and there is a festival where these delicacies are celebrated and cooked to perfection. Are you curious? Find out more about the Algarve's cultural offerings this summer and stay up to date with all the region's events.

In addition to the aforementioned, it is ideal for families due to its proximity to the beach and family atmosphere.


On the other side of the Arade river there is one of the most acclaimed towns in the region, Ferragudo, a fishing village over 500 years old, located in the municipality of Lagoa, whose beaches are a dream. Discover some of the best beaches in the Algarve.

The river seems to be trying to invade this beautiful village through the walls that surround it, and the landscape, which has been preserved intact, is made up of iconic wooden boats.

At the Vasco da Gama pier, next to the Jupiter Marina Hotel, it is possible to take sea ferries to Ferragudo, as well as take numerous tours along the coast, passing through the town for a sardine meal, not forgetting the beautiful beaches that make up the town.


It's not just the Barlavento Algarvio that has truly idyllic landscapes, which only seem to exist in films. A very concrete example of this is Alte, a charming village located in Loulé, in the Eastern Algarve .

It is considered by some to be the most charming village in the region due to its particularities and location, namely the conservation of traditional architecture, roof terraces, chimneys and the typical Portuguese cobblestone pavement.

There is a particularly acclaimed place in this town, its charming fountains, with crystal clear waters coming from the Alte river where you can spend a day with the family, have a barbecue, picnics and go for a swim, we assure you that it will feel like paradise.

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