Jupiter Hotel Group

Jupiter Hotel Group

Our Mission

Jupiter Hotel Group is committed to the environment and our global impact on the planet.

We recognise that any change towards more sustainable behavior is fundamental to the balance of the community in which we operate as well as our planet.

Jupiter Hotel Group


The Jupiter Hotel Group aims to be recognized as a hotel group of reference in the sector, by the permanent search for excellence in performance measured by the various stakeholders: guests for product / service satisfaction; employees for job satisfaction; investors for financial performance. Its vision is to be a chain that seeks to create value and make a difference through the love, knowledge and dedication with which it delivers itself daily and make the happiness of our employees, guests and community.

It aims to provide all employees with high quality standards of service that enable customers to experience consistent with their expectations.

Make the happiness of all those who visit us, create the desire to return and the recommendation felt based on the experience lived with us. .  


Responsible water consumption

Responsible water consumption by working to minimise waste and maximise consumption. With this objective in mind, flow control equipment was installed in all taps, as well as flow reducers at various points, as well as other measures that aim to mitigate the loss of such a precious commodity as water.


Waste Reduction

Reduction of waste, whenever possible through recycling, refillable and/or reusable products, as well as investing heavily in digitalisation, leaving the use of paper behind.

Reducing energy and fuel consumption

Together with employees and customers we are committed to improving our environmental performance and we work daily to reduce the energy and fuel consumption of our activity. 

With this purpose in mind, reducing technologies have been installed, equipment has been replaced and direct solar energy is used.  

Furthermore, the establishment has an automatic system (key card) that turns off the lighting and electrical appliances when guests leave the room, as well as low consumption light bulbs and electric vehicle charging stations - PCV. 


Reduction of CO2

One of our goals as a Group is to help reduce CO2 emissions by optimising transported freight volumes as well as continuously optimising supply routes.


Social Responsibility

We are present on a voluntary basis in the community where we operate, in order to exercise our social and environmental concern.  We create and develop projects that allow job opportunities and avoid food waste, through the donation of food products (short shelf life, towels and utensils with useful life at the end) and textiles, as well as favouring the acquisition of local and sustainable products, where the use of plastic is minimised to the maximum.


Social and Corporate Policy 

We contribute daily to the community in which we are inserted, thinking about the future of the present or future generations, supporting initiatives of a social, educational, cultural and environmental nature. We do this by respecting the Rule of Law, as well as all national and international laws, rules, regulations and good practices.   

We promote ethical behaviour based on values of honesty, transparency and integrity, demonstrating a permanent concern for the economy, people and the environment, through the promotion of justice and ethics based on respect for individuals and their rights.   

Our mission is to promote values, culture and a sustainable management model, through the increment of innovative solutions in terms of eco-efficiency and sustainable mobility, in its value chain, leading to the development of a low carbon economy.


Strictness in safety and well-being

We believe that the well being of our collaborators and clients, passes through the rigor in guaranteeing their safety and well-being, avoiding possible risks.

With this in mind, we guarantee a constant interaction with suppliers, enabling a supply adjusted to the clients' preferences, as well as we try to guarantee a safe and healthy work environment, promoting training, information and consultation regarding the risks inherent to the activities of all our employees, making them aware of the need to comply with safety standards.

We ensure that relevant aspects of environmental protection, quality and occupational health and safety are systematically taken into consideration, as well as incorporating all organisational values and culture.                                                                                                                 

As a principle of continuous improvement, we establish intermediate objectives and targets, cyclically evaluating the results obtained and introducing, whenever deemed appropriate, the necessary preventive or corrective actions.


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