The Jupiter Hotel Group is committed to ensuring the protection of data and individuals who wish to internally report incidents related to some kind of irregularity (corruption, as well as, any other non-compliance that may involve the commission of an offence) under the terms of the European Directive 2019/1937.  Our country has already adopted the European Directive, through Law No. 93/ 2021, of 20 December

There can be no reprisal/harmful action of any kind against those subjects who, based on plausible reasons, make a complaint and provide data obtained in a work context.
This Whistleblower Protection Policy applies to the Jupiter Hotel Group incorporated at Av. Tomás Cabreira, Praia da Rocha, 8500-802, Portimão.

1.    Matters that you can report: 
Whistleblowers may whenever they wish and feel it is pertinent to report information, obtained in the work context, concerning suspicions about inconsistencies or violations-actual or potential.
Please note that in order to make a report, the whistleblower must be in possession of some kind of document or evidence (e-mails, documents, photographs) proving the suspicion, as rumours are not considered strong enough grounds for reporting.

This policy applies to the following hotels:
Jupiter Algarve Hotel
Jupiter Lisboa Hotel
Jupiter Marina Hotel
Jupiter Albufeira Hotel

2.    Who is eligible to make denunciations? 
All employees/workers who work or have worked in any unit of the Jupiter Hotel Group, including temporary, independent or trainee workers and volunteers.

3.    How to make a complaint official? 
By filling in the form below, and the whistleblower may maintain anonymity whenever he/she so wishes.
Although anonymity is guaranteed, the complaint must contain all the appropriate information so that it may be properly investigated.
Jupiter Hotel Group will handle and manage the complaints confidentially, being that whenever necessary they will be reported to the responsible entities (police, government or regulatory agencies).

4.    Protection of personal data 
Jupiter Hotel Group is committed to complying with all National and European legislation and normative acts in the maintenance of policies, procedures, work instructions and adequate technical measures to protect the privacy of personal data under its responsibility of treatment and/or processing.
These standards apply to all personal data held by Jupiter Hotel Group whether in digital or physical format, whether collected directly from the data subject or from third parties. 
We recommend that you read the Group's Privacy Policy carefully so that your decision to provide or not to provide your personal data and to keep it with us is free, informed and voluntary.
This Data Protection and Privacy Policy applies to all hotels of the Jupiter Hotel Group.
For further information you can contact the Jupiter Hotel Group by email:, by letter addressed to the DPO of the Jupiter Hotel Group , Av Tomás Cabreira Nº92 8500-802, Portimão.




Use the form below to report incidents related to corruption, as well as any other non-compliance that may involve wrongdoing. 
If you wish to make an anonymous report, please do not fill in the Name and Email fields.

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